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Home Learning Resources
At Chapel Green School we are very aware that you, as parents and carers, are the experts on how to keep your children happy and occupied. You probably already have favourite websites and activities that your child enjoys. Below are some ideas that may help and also link to your child’s learning. Your class teacher may also send you additional ideas. We are aiming to help rather than burden you at this time and understand that for some children learning at home has to be disguised very thoroughly to be acceptable! We are also aware that for some of you just getting through the day will be the main aim.
However, if you do manage to do any learning-based activities at home that your child enjoys, please feel free to upload them onto Tapestry, your child’s teacher will be very happy to see what they have been doing.
Link to learning aids  
What's on it?
Some free games and activities for SEN children   enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

We use twinkl resources a lot in school, they are offering them free to parents for a month to support during any school closures. See free home learning packs. Activities suitable for a wide range of our pupils including some sensory stories.   
Lots of free early literacy and Maths games
Pete Wells sensory stories
Pete Wells has created lots of sensory stories over the years, known for being funny and sometimes quite revolting! Here in a podcast format
Some of Pete Wells stories are on here as word documents. Equals also have some other materials that can be accessed for free.
Priory woods school have some videos suitable for our pre-formal youngsters and other resources such as Maths games
Lots of free games for early Maths and Literacy
BBC bite size has a range of activities including games with an educational slant
Chatterpack have a comprehensive list which is being updated regularly
PE Challenges and Sensory Circuits from a Special Educational Needs PE Teacher  
More PE activities 
Motor Skills Madness designed by Occupational Therapist
This website is good for explaining the benefits of music in a child's every day life, including helping
- his ability to vocalise
- his ability to take turns
- his understanding of simple instructions
- his ability to make choices
- his ability to control an activity
- his ability and confidence to explore his environment
Some songs which are often popular with children with special needs
Website with a list links that could be handy for you as you home educate your children.