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Curriculum Model

The National Curriculum changed in 2014 with a greater emphasis on traditional academic subjects.

Alongside this our pupils have become increasingly complex and the spread of abilities within each class has grown over the past few years.

We felt it was time to overhaul our curriculum and how it is delivered in order to meet the needs of the pupils in the most effective way possible for the remaining time within our present buildings.

We continue to embrace a holistic model where the needs of the child are at the very centre of what we do and the curriculum is tailored to meet those needs. 

Please find our Curriculum models below: 

Over the past year we have been developing four curriculum routes:

  • Pre-formal
  • Pre-formal plus
  • Semi-formal
  • Formal 

Pupils now follow the most appropriate of these routes depending on their ability and learning styles (Curriculum Routes).

The curriculum offered, and the ways of teaching and recording progress are different for each of these groups. Pupils following a formal and semi-formal route cover the national curriculum subjects, with the content adapted and differentiated to meet their needs.

Pre-formal and pre-formal plus pupils follow a personalised curriculum embracing a more specialist pedagogy and relevant areas of learning .

All classes base their learning around termly topics which give scope for a broad range of exciting and creative experiences.

For the school year 2018-19, some classes in the school remain mixed ability while others specialise in one or more curriculum route (Class Groupings for 2018-2019).

We are carefully monitoring the impact of all these developments, but the initial signs are encouraging. With a move to the new school and the more flexible accommodation this will bring, there will be much greater scope to expand this approach if it proves successful.