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What is an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

The EHCP is the replacement of Statements for Special Educational Needs.

With effect from 1st September 2014 EHCP's will come into force. At present the 'old' statements are for children from 3 years of age until they leave school. The new EHCP will be effective from birth up to the age of 25 if in education, allowing for longer transition into adulthood.

For those who currently have a Statement of Special Educational Needs, there will be a 3 year transition to move over to the new EHCP.

The transition  will be lead by the Children with Needs Team, together with input from school and professional bodies. If there is an urgent need at your child's/young persons Annual Review  to change over to the new EHCP due to changes in health, needs etc or if a pupil is due to leave, the school will initiate tranistion to the new EHCP.

During this transition phase, please be assured that the provisions you currently receive will not be effected.

Should you require any further information please call the Education Health and Care Plan coordination at the Children In Needs Team (detailed below), who has been designated to look after all pupils at Chapel Green School. 

Esther Pike
Education Health and Care Plan Coordinator
Contact Number is: 01553 669606