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Chapel Green School

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Our Curriculum

Chapel Green School opened in January 2018 on a beautiful new site, providing us with the space and scope to develop the curriculum in ways not possible on the old site. The move coincided with a new climate of freedom, and expectation, within the Complex Needs sector to develop a curriculum which truly meets the needs of pupils within a school.

Over the past few years our pupils have become ever more diverse and complex. Since 2016-17 we have been working to develop Learning Routes with the idea of teaching pupils according to their learning styles and developmental needs. Always aiming for the best possible holistic progress for all.   

As Chapel Green School caters for pupils from all 6 phases of education, from the early years up to post 16, we have always recognised the importance of making what we offer relevant to the age as well as the ability of the pupils.

The school has distinct Primary and Secondary departments, each with a Phase Leader, and the curriculum we offer reflects this. We maintain social cohesion across the departments and the different learning routes, through planned and informal activities. (See Primary Curriculum and Secondary Curriculum documents) The new school grounds give many exciting opportunities for outdoor learning for everyone.

How our curriculum works?

Please find below documents available to view and download :

How effective is our Curriculum?

Please find below documents available to view and download :

 Our Curriculum Vison