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Family Support Worker

Our Family Support Worker 

Parenting isn't an easy job and at times, things can get tough! Like every other parent you want what is best for your child.

The Family Support Worker is here to help you deal with any worries or concerns about how your child is doing at school or at home. They may not have all the answers, but they may be able to help you work out how to find them.

Marie Cross is our Family Support Worker and can:

  •  Support when attendance is a concern and working together to find a solution
  •  Support helping you to cope with being a parent of a child with Special Educational Needs
  •  Supporting you when you meet other Professionals
  • Working together to ensure that YOU and your child get the best out of school, making school happy, positive experience and that your child is able to reach their full potential
  • Supporting you with visits and meetings
  • A listening ear
  •  Helping you to find out about and how to apply for any benefits that you may be entitled to and assisting you to fill in the forms.