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Primary PE

The primary PE and sport premium is allocated by the Secretary of State for Education. (DofE Conditions of Grant 2019-20)

Funding Allocation 2020-21

Chapel Green School will receive £16,530 

Funding for 2020-21 - 53 Pupil count is in school is calculated from the January 2020 school census

Schools with 16 or fewer eligible pupils receive £1,000 per pupil.Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.

The school plans to spend the money in a range of ways to support the teaching of PE within our primary department and to encourage pupils to live healthier and more active life styles.

At Chapel Green School we have four aims for the funding:

  •  To facilitate physical education for all pupils within school regardless of ability.
  • To Increase the amount of time Primary pupils spend participating in Physical Activity.
  • To give pupils opportunities to try a range of different sporting activities.
  • To begin to raise achievement and attainment within Primary Physical Education.   

We aim to do this in a range of ways. Examples are listed below:

  • We are paying for further training for our rebound staff to deliver rebound sessions for a broader range of pupils including those with the highest physical needs. 
  • We have more physically able pupils in the school so we continue to send them to the local leisure centre for their swimming sessions to allow them to increase their fitness and swim longer lengths than our school pool allows for.
  • We have increased staffing for certain classes to ensure changing into PE kits and getting ready for PE (this could involve positioning in additional equipment for some of our high needs pupils) happens quicker allowing more time for the PE session.  Also by providing more adults we can ensure our Pre-Formal and Pre-Formal Plus pupils get more adult support during sessions enabling them to participate more actively.
  • We are planning another Activity Week in the summer term for the pupils, which will be partially subsidised by the PE Premium money.  This enables pupils to try a range of new sports and activities including skiing, sailing, climbing and canoeing.
  • We are able to release our PE lead teacher to support other teachers and help to raise the achievement and attainment of our pupils.
  • We will be using some of our money to enhance the provision on the new site enabling a wide range of activities to take place.

Historical PE and Sports Funding

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