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Chapel Green School

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The school enjoys joint sensory activities between class and in addition to this we have a soft play zone, Swing room and Sensory studio.

These offer the pupils the opportunity to learn about cause and effect, experience a wide range of sensory stimuli and the space to interact with others in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

The hydrotherapy pool

Is an ideal place to learn to relax in water, engage in gentle exercise and to learn to swim.

We try to keep the water at 34 degrees centigrade. An electric hoist facilitates access for those unable to use steps.

Speech Therapy

Is provided by the East Coast Community Heathcare.

The therapist supports the teaching in school. Staff follow therapy programmes and guidance to ensure consistency for our pupils. The school follows the Total Communication approach and uses sign language (Signalong), symbols and other communication aids to assist pupil’s communication. The school actively promotes the use of PECS across all areas of learning and is using the strategies promoted in TEACCH to assist pupils on the Autistic Spectrum.

Staff follow therapy programmes and guidance to ensure consistency for our pupils.

Our Communications Team liaises closely with the Speech and Language Therapist from the local health service. In addition our Resources Assistant works across the school producing resources, implanting SLT plans, and supporting any pupil where help with communication has been requested.

The school employs a medical-clinical assistant, who work closely with the visiting school nurse to provide specific clinical care and medical support to the pupils with the highest needs.
We have qualified Rebound Therapists who use the trampoline 1-2 days with our pupils.