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Post 16

Students can spend up to three years in 6th Form (16-19) and during this time we concentrate on life skills and look towards helping them make an informed choice of their post school placement. We help and encourage them to make a happy, smooth and successful transition.
During their time in 6th Form we concentrate on visiting local colleges and post school providers suitable for our student’s individual needs. Pupils work towards TITAN and Work Related Learning 

Every year we visit these placements which helps to familiarise our students with the different opportunities available.

The different colleges offer a wide range of different courses which enables our students to recognise, understand and develop their skills and attributes for life after Chapel Green School.


TITAN is based on the traffic light system and consists of set assessed tasks which have to be completed before moving on to the next level.

Lessons provide students with the opportunity to learn how to get from one destination to another, using safe routes and starts with students familiarising themselves with how to get to different parts of the school building.

'Red' route focuses on road safety and travel within the community. Students are taught how to use road crossings appropriately, to learn the importance of the terms ‘stop’, ‘look’ and ‘listen’ before making an decisions to cross a road or open entrance. Students are shadowed by staff to monitor their progression and reinforce safety guidance.

When students demonstrate that they are confident in making safe decisions independently they then go on to be tested. This involves students walking independently to the post office in Attleborough town centre while being monitored by qualified advisory teachers.

When students accomplish Red route they then move onto practicing 'Amber' which involves walking round Attleborough's one way system, this then moves to 'Green' where students learn to travel independently using public transport and apply their road safety in a city environment.

Careers/Work Related Learning

Careers/Work related Learning (WRL) is defined as: ‘planned activity that uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of work’, including work experience and skills, learning about work and working practices (WRL, QCA guidance 2003). WRL is a statutory requirement for all KS4 students.

At Chapel Green School we recognise that there should be some WRL for all pupils. Please use link for more information on our Career Programme.

Careers and Work-Related Learning