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                                  Welcome to
                   Chapel Green School



                                             Virtual School




Sensory Session



Staying Safe

Welcome to Chapel Green School!


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, life as we know it has changed for everyone.


This includes life at our school and the way that we are currently teaching our pupils. We are operating as a ‘Virtual School’ since 20th March and since 20th April, we are also offering part time schooling for a very small number of children.


We are working hard to provide bespoke support and learning activities to our families at home and we are delighted to see how well our children continue to develop, especially in their communication and independence skills.


Over the coming weeks, we are hoping to be able to very slowly and carefully enable more children to access school on a part time basis.


Staff briefing social distancing


Home baking


Story time


                                                                                       Welcome from Head Teacher





COVID-19 - Parent Advise


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